How To Select The Best Divorce Lawyer

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Choosing a divorce lawyer can be quite a challenge. No one wants to look through the ads on the internet and hire the first divorce lawyer they come across.

In some states, attorneys may be certified by the family law board.

To obtain this certification, a lawyer must demonstrate extensive litigation experience and pass a difficult exam. To maintain certification, annual advanced training in family law is required. Be aware that a board-certified family law attorney often charges more and demands higher fees than non-board-certified attorneys.

However, board certification often means a different experience that can be extremely rewarding. When you meet to discuss powers, the lawyer should discuss all matters with you in plain, not “legal” language. People should feel comfortable with their lawyer as sharing personal information about the marriage is possible. Also, make sure that if there are children, the lawyer puts the children’s best interests first.

When choosing divorce attorneys in Baton Rouge, LA, people should look for one with comprehensive legal knowledge and skills. The ideal divorce lawyer will solve problems, negotiate and reconcile. The lawyer’s experience and track record of success will demonstrate the ability to negotiate a settlement properly. If the divorce situation is complex, choose a lawyer who is well versed in current issues and knows the specific laws that apply to the situation.

A good divorce lawyer also has some financial experts on file. Remember that divorce negotiations are not only about the dissolution of the marriage but also about financial matters.

Never base such a big decision on how good the office is. Even though the office is chic and located in a beautiful building, a lawyer still needs to gain legal skills. The same goes for the lawyer’s appearance. Also, don’t assume that because the fees are high, the attorney’s representation is of high quality.

Newly established divorce lawyers have a lower price than divorce lawyers, a solid reputation, and many years of experience behind them. However, there is an advantage to a new divorce lawyer: he will likely work a little more than an experienced lawyer to build a good reputation. Realize that most divorce lawyers bill by the hour; a tiny percentage is willing to accept a fixed fee. It is challenging to determine what the divorce hearing will be like in advance.


If the divorce is completely amicable and the lawyer has serious tasks, the lawyer will likely agree to a flat fee.

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