Autism And Does It Qualify For Social Security Benefits

Autism spectrum disorder refers to a wide range of disabilities caused by a genetic condition. People with ASD generally have difficulties learning, socializing, communicating and paying attention. They also have restricted or repetitive behaviour. The causes of ASD are still unknown, although scientists believe that various factors work in unison and alter a person’s development.

A child with ASD requires care and attention 24*7. This could take a toll on the family’s income since there are only two options either one parent looks after the kid, or you hire a babysitter. With a vast number of treatments and therapies to pay for, an ASD diagnosis causes both emotional and financial turmoil.

Most parents don’t know that the social security administration program (SSA) provides supplemental security income (SSI) to aid ASD children. With the help of these benefits, you can enjoy some financial relief.

Learn more about the SSA program

The SSA provides monthly assistance to parents raising children with disabilities. Most kids with this disability face no difficulty qualifying for the SSI program, but there are a few criteria to access the benefits.

How to be eligible for the SSI program

Autism is a condition that is considered eligible for SSI benefits. Our Social Security Lawyers in Cincinnati will help you understand and verify your qualification for the benefits. The blue book has specific criteria that need to be fulfilled to receive the advantages.

  • Difficulty in socializing
  • Deficits in verbal and non-verbal interaction
  • Restricted or repetitive behaviour, activities or interest

Services for needers

Parents must provide a medical certificate to prove their child has all three deficits. Further, the child must have limitations in

Understanding, memorizing or using information (difficulty in following commands, solving problems, understanding instructions and decision-making)

Communicating with others (ability to complete activities promptly without getting distracted)

Adapting or adjusting (ability to control emotions, and behaviour, avoid harm and practice self-care)

Financial requisitions to qualify for the claim

Parents with a child suffering from ASD below 18 years must tick off all the financial requirements to receive the benefits. Processing all this information could be draining, given the mental and emotional burden you are enduring. Our expert social security lawyers in Cincinnati will assist and guide you through the entire process.

This income cap increases with each earning adult and every child in the house. To prove their eligibility, parents must provide a federal tax return or W-2 form for each earning adult in the household.

The SSI benefits will help you secure the best treatment and therapies for your child while taking the financial burden off you.

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