Website Verification and Online Security Gateways


Businesses of all sizes, regardless of size, have a responsibility to ensure the security of their online users. While this is often a challenge to small businesses with limited resources, for most companies, protecting their online presence is a necessary part of everyday operations.

The proliferation of mobile technology and, most importantly, smartphones, has made the internet more accessible than ever before. With this accessibility, however, comes the risk of unauthorized access. An online presence is only as secure as the weakest point in the network, and with the daily use of smartphones the risk of phishing, malware and viruses can all be just a few clicks away.

Web security gateways: a fundamental part of any security infrastructure

Web security gateways are the front line of any security strategy. These devices work at the networking level to enforce 먹튀 and monitor threats in real-time. They are often self-contained, running on a dedicated device, such as a desktop or laptop, and are widely available. They can be used as part of a larger information security infrastructure, and in some cases can even be used as free monitoring and reporting tools.


A basic example of a web security gateway is a firewall. A firewall is just a router that is set to deny inbound and outbound traffic that does not match its rules. A firewall will deny access to potential threats, such as malware and viruses while allowing access to systems and applications that are required for everyday operations. A firewall does not, however, prevent access to resources that are not protected.

The more advanced variant of a firewall is a web security gateway. This is a router that sits between the web and the user, usually on a home or small office network. This ‘middleware’ role of the gateway makes it more efficient than a firewall as it can process traffic and block it without needing the resources and processing power of a firewall.

Web security gateways work by monitoring all traffic on a network, including HTTP, HTTPS, and SSL. Using the right security services or tools, a gateway can block access to specific resources, block certain protocols or work in conjunction with authentication tools to make sure the person who attempts to access the site is actually authorized.

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