How to pass a drug test

To pass the well-known analyzes, there are many and varied systems on the market from food supplements, to additives for urine, shampoos.  When you don’t know anyone who passes you clean pee and if you are ashamed to ask then No problem, there are bags of synthetic urine, clean and without illicit substances.

Urinator and best synthetic urine test are very expensive, first of all here are what you need to know to use other people’s urine correctly. Many people have many questions regarding this like Does the “Donor” have to be of the same gender as me? Be my age?No matter the gender or age, hormones are not analyzed but the presence of drugs.

How long is urine preserved?

Use the urine on the same day or you can keep it in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. If you want to keep it you have to freeze it. The urine at room temperature begins to change chemically and the smell quickly becomes that of ammonia, do not use ammonia-smelling urine to pass the test.

If thinking about how to proceed then it is very simple either your donor lends you urine every morning before going for the tests or you get as many containers as there are tests, close well and put them in the Freezer.

If it is too Complicated and it makes you sick to handle pee,then Synthetic Urine and Urinator would be useful. The Urinator is a small electronic contraption with a thermostat that allows you to keep the liquid exactly at body temperature for at least 4 hours, with a little practice you will see that they have to look closely at you to notice the tube. It can hundreds of times – just change the 2 x 9V batteries – and once you pass the analysis you can loan it or give it to your friends and you will see that they will be grateful.

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