A full guide to the Jazz events in Aspen, co

jazz events in aspen, co

Aspen, CO has a rich tradition of hosting top-tier jazz events in aspen, co throughout the year. From the world-renowned JAS Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Experience festival to intimate performances at venues like The Little Nell and Belly Up, there is no shortage of opportunities for music enthusiasts to enjoy live jazz in this mountain town. Jazz Aspen Snowmass brings in A-list headliners like Herbie Hancock, Diana Ross, and Sting while also supporting emerging artists through its JAS Café series. For those seeking a more casual experience, local restaurants and bars often host jazz nights featuring talented musicians from both within the community and beyond. The atmosphere in Aspen is electric during these events, providing an unforgettable backdrop for one of America’s most beloved musical genres. Additionally, the JAS Cafe series presents intimate jazz performances at various venues around town, ensuring that visitors can experience top-notch music in an up-close and personal setting. Furthermore, the JAS Academy program brings together aspiring young musicians with legendary performers for two weeks of intense training and education on everything from songwriting to improvisation. All these events serve as a testament to Aspen’s vibrant jazz scene, continually pushing boundaries and elevating the genre to new heights.

JAS – Jazz Aspen Snowmass

Founded in 1991, the Jazz Aspen Snowmass (JAS) is a non-profit organization that presents exceptional live music performances and fosters music education for its audience within the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. JAS’ mission is to enhance the quality of life in the community by promoting and celebrating jazz, crossover, and world-beat music genres through innovative programming, educational initiatives, and collaborations with world-class artists. JAS has hosted renowned artists like Diana Krall, Tony Bennett, Pearl Jam, Herbie Hancock, Sting among others- And offers an extraordinary concert series over three summer weekends leading up to Labor Day weekend each year. Their interactive outdoor experience offers more than just excellent entertainment; it provides access to jazz education programs for local school children as well as opportunities for students throughout the region. Through these engagements and partnerships with schools across Aspen & Basalt school districts support foundations- JAS expands cultural experiences that enrich lives across Aspen valley communities. In addition to its flagship Labor Day Experience festival featuring legendary headliners such as Stevie Wonder and Sting, JAS also hosts intimate concerts throughout the year and collaborates with schools to provide music education programs. The organization’s mission is centered on promoting cultural diversity through music while also fostering artistic growth for emerging young musicians. Overall, JAS exemplifies a passionate commitment to preserving America’s rich musical heritage while also forging ahead towards new frontiers in contemporary music.

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