Creating A Music Video? Here Are Your Options.

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Every music video is unique and is done on purpose for them to be more entertaining or informative, depending on its purpose. Music videos help different artists and the types of music they want to release who they are and what they represent. Here are the various music videos based on their formats that a talented musician might want to consider.

Performance Videos

Almost everyone is familiar with this type of video. This existed way before the MTV days. This is the most common type and has been around for a long time now. Performance music videos showcase the artist or band singing or playing the song. This is perfect for anyone because they work pretty well at any location and with any type of performer. 

Lyric Videos

You can probably find thousands of lyric videos on the internet these days. Creators make this for those who love to sing along. But it’s not as simple as many would think so. There’s a complex process that goes into a lyric music video.

First, the font and graphics must match the song. The pictures and text must also move with the song. Lyric videos are handy in the music video business because they are often used as fillers for fans and followers until the finalized music video is finished and released. This is also a cheaper ‘teaser’ when the artist isn’t available yet for the video performance or looking for a more affordable option to market the new song. 

Narrative Videos

Narrative music videos tell a story. It has a beginning, middle, and end. This type of music video gives directors the freedom to tell a story in any style or genre they prefer. The song alone is already a story. The narrative music video can show you how the song goes or maybe tell it in a different way that will still work for the overall product.

Concept or Artistic Videos

This may not seem very popular, but this is becoming more of a preferred option by many artists. Concept music videos don’t always tell a story. Instead, it will show exactly how the music should be felt. It creates a deeper meaning to the song. However, this might not work best with pop music.

If you are looking to make your music video soon, it is best that you only work with the best. Remember that plenty of elements come into a music video that will make it a successful one. Yes, you can make your own, but still, you should employ experts this time.

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