The benefits of online training in the company: why choose it?

Can you take advantage of online training in the company? Is it really unthinkable to give up the figure of the trainer physically present in the classroom? How can I be sure that the students are following the course?These are just some of the questions we usually hear from HR managers and entrepreneurs in the companies we work with NDT course.

We have already seen in a previous article what are the benefits of online training for the individual – if you have not read it, you can find it here   – let’s now see why it is important in the company to consider the possibility of structuring an online educational offer.

Does online training in the company work?

More and more companies are integrating e-learning and training programs into their normal working life, both with a view to corporate welfare policies and to offer a path of updating and growth to their employees.

The benefits of a training course within the workplace are now clear and shared with all HR managers, those who work in human resources and entrepreneurs, who are increasingly open and sensitive on the subject, but we often ask ourselves if online training can also guarantee the same results as a traditional classroom course.

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Comparison of online training and classroom training

Meanwhile, it should be noted that online training should not be seen as a substitute for classroom training, it is actually another type of training with its own characteristics and peculiarities which, if on the one hand it renounces the physical presence of the trainer, on the other it offers interesting benefits both in terms of learning and in terms of organization and budget for the company.

Advantages of online training in the company

Organize the work of the team without wasting functional time

The flexibility of online training courses allows you to organize virtual classroom hours based on work commitments and team meetings. Furthermore, if more than one member of the team participates in the training course, it is not necessary to stop everyone’s work to follow the course, as everyone can schedule lessons at different times. The repeatability of the lessons is excellent for optimizing the times of use of the course: giving the possibility only to those who need it to resume the topics already covered, the study work of the rest of the group is not slowed down.

Taking full advantage of the just in time and just enough principle, each student optimizes the time dedicated to training by maximizing learning results.

The best offer on the market at a competitive price

Thanks to the high accessibility and the vast training offer available in the online training landscape, you can choose the best training offer with a careful eye on costs.

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